What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is great for someone who has no products yet
on its own, still does not want to equalize to the marketing of
products or services of only one company.

Affiliate marketing is the creation of sales relationships with private individuals
or companies whose products or services you would like us to offer
others. It is very similar as a sales representative in bricks and mortar
business. The difference in the web is that one can create as much as possible
many branch affiliate marketing as they want.

Being an affiliate for a product or service is usually free of charge. less
companies may require that the purchase of a product or service be made
before they will let you sell it to other people, however.

Compensation for a sale is offered as a percentage of
the selling price of the products or a fixed fee for each product. In some
affiliate relationships, you also receive a percentage or fee for
the sales of everyone who introduced you to the company that is going on
affiliate. This is called a two-tier system.

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